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Meet our KCAP Teachers

Lily Wagoner - Language Teacher

Lily grew up in a beautiful city named Qingdao, China.  She taught Kindergarten through third grade in China for nine years before participating in the Columbus International Program as an exchange professional.  Once in the United States, she earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in Education from the Ohio State University.  She taught for 19 years in both private and public schools in Columbus, Ohio.  Currently, she enjoys teach the lovely first graders at Darby Woods Elementary School.  Lily is also an adoptive parent.

Craig Wilson - Martial Arts Instructor

Craig has been training in martial arts for 25 years.  He pas a passion for the Chinese martial arts systems and their connection with other martial arts around the world.  His teaching and training has an emphasis on body movement.  He enjoys training children to develop them individually and as a group.  The KCAP martial arts structure fosters safety, having fun and learning from and function.

Jenny Zheng -  Dance Teacher

Jenny started "Jenny's Dance and Gymnastics."  She has a distinguished background in ballet, gymnastics, Chinese fold dance and other dance forms.  She is an award-winning performer, winning awards in China and national competitions.   She began teaching dance at a professional youth dance school in China 26 years ago.  Many of her top students were winners of many prestigious awards in dance competitions.  Jenny has been teaching dance in the United States for over eight years.  Jenny joined the KCAP team in 2011.

Aina Sun Weaver - Art/ Calligraphy Teacher

Aina has been a teacher and music director for more than 30 years.  She taught music in elementary schools for 18 years in her hometown of Qingdao, China.  Since 1995, she has been teaching language and music for the Ohio Contemporary Chinese School.  She has been teaching cooking, language, and calligraphy for KCAP since 2002.  Aina received the Community Server Award from COFCC in 2007.